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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Titas transport take an immense task that aims to reduce and mitigate the effects of Cold hit people

AB Bank Donated blanket
Vehicle loading donated blanket
Relief process should be a continuous initiative. We Titas transport initiative take logistics support during the disaster relief operation Provide the victims with their needs quickly, Assist in the provision of services, materiel, transport and competence to the responders. to make sure the accessibility of the required goods and services in the right place at the right time and in the required quantities. 


Titas transport mission is simple :

Logistics = Supply + Materials management +Distribution

Most of all major Private Banks and financial institutions 0f Bangladesh have come forward to help the winter-affected poor of the country by donating blankets and warm clothes to the relief and welfare fund of the prime minister.
prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday directed the authorities concerned to distribute blankets in the country's cold-hit areas by giving priority to the people above 60, orphans and the physically-challenged ones.      
The Prime Minister gave the directives while receiving 0.3 million (3.70 lakh) pieces of blankets from 19 banks of Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) at her official residence Ganabhaban.Titas transport thanked the bank authorities for their noble gesture and called upon the affluent section of the society to stand beside the poor and cold-hit people.Islami Bank Bangladesh presented 50,000 pieces of warm clothes while National Bank and First Security Islami Bank presented 50,000 blankets.AB Bank, Mercantile Bank, Modhumoti Bank and Shahjalal Islami Bank donated 20,000 blankets each. The fund also received 15,000 blankets from Dhaka Bank and 5,000 form NCC Bank. Phoenix Finance and Investments and Social Islami Bank also donated blankets for the poor.
Our prime minister asked the PMO officials to distribute the blankets quickly among the cold-hit people across the country. With the response of the prime minster call, we Titas transport take all the necessary step To deliver the appropriate supplies, in good condition, in the quantities required and at the places and time they are needed. Logistics is most important and complex component of the relief distribution operations. Previously we did the DBBL donated 100000 picsBlanket distribute across the country with the achievement rate of 99.99% accurate.


 We achieve this is through slick, efficient and effective logistics operations by considering in timeliness, economy, efficiency. 

Monday 15 December 2014

Transportation logistics preparedness is a key component of any disaster reduction effort.

Titas Transport vechile waiting for blanket load
Titas Vehicle waiting for load
blanket are loading on titas transport cargo Logistics preparedness is a key component of any disaster management. Planning is both necessary and practical, since it is generally possible to foresee the types of disasters that may affect a given location and the needs that such disasters will be likely to engender. Logistics preparedness must be based on the vulnerability and resource assessment.

    Millions of poor and destitute people
 are suffering through the winter in Bangladesh. Continuing with , Dutch-Bangla Bank has presented 100,000 blankets worth Tk. 6 crore 40 lakh to the Prime Minister to address the misery of the poor and floating people , who are the worst sufferers in the chilling cold now sweeping through many districts of the country.its yearly tradition

Based on the assessment of needs the respective Regional, 
Titas Transport Logistics Unit covering the disaster affected area publishes a list of emergency need blankets that National Societies and other parties are help to an operation. The prioritization, transport planning, reception and distribution of emergency supplies are a vital life-saving coordination role managed by Titas transports first priority logistics function.

titas transport disaster reduction effort.
cargo vechile on emergency logistics service
titas cargo vechile on emergency logistics servicetitas transport disaster reduction effort.

Monday 24 November 2014

Macroeconomic and political issues affect Logistical management of transport.

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Transport logistics service provider
Being produced and consumed at the same time, transport is a complex production relatedto a natural balance between supply and demand in the market. This complexity has several major consequences. The organization of the market cannot properly work without the intervention of specific economic agents, in charge of arranging a match between supply and demand of transport.

Freight-forwarders are not only auxiliary actors; they often play a major part in transport chain conception, trade and control .At the same time, two opposite risks threaten economic development; under-capacity of transport is a bottleneck to growth, whereas over-capacity allows a fluent circulation of goods but gives transporter too much bargaining power, prompting carriers not to respect social and technical regulations so as to survive in an excessively competitive context. The State therefore intervenes, through limitation of access to the profession, prohibition of occasional transport service by own account carriers, control of law implementation, etc. Fiscal issues, including taxes on energy, Blocked, Hortal and infrastructure pricing are other political topics, the importance of which is enhanced by a growing concern for “external impacts” of transport.

As a leading transport logistics service provider Titas Transport understand nature, volume and geography of transport flows are rapidly changing, together with the organization of production and trade. Lean production notably relies on cheap, fast, reliable transport.The reduction, if not the disappearance, of inventory, along the production and distribution channel, following “just in time” methods, has strong consequences on transport requirements
Transport logistics service provider: titas transport

Saturday 22 November 2014

Efficient and inexpensive freight transport services.


Freight transport

titas transport cargo vechile line up
 Freight transport activities are crucial in logistics transport systems planning. The reason is twofold: firstly they determine the most important part (often between one-third and two-thirds) of the logistics costs; and, secondly, they significantly affect the service level provided to customers. Providing efficient and inexpensive freight transport services yields an increase in the distance at which the facilities of the logistics system can be economically set up. In turn, this would allow the operation of production plants in locations where economies of scale can be exploited thanks to automated manufacturing processes, a low-cost skilled workforce and low energy prices. Other consequences are the possibility to feasibly supply geographically far markets with perishable products and an increased competition among companies at a global scale, with obvious advantages for the consumers.
Titas transport believe provide securing and reliable transportation service, with an affordable prize that company can choose to reduce their transport logistics cost.     

Tuesday 11 November 2014

E-Logistics,Example of a transport application..

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E-business solutions are easily applied to transport, from the call for tenders right through to the follow-up of transport performance, most commonly using an on-board information system. Here we provide a first example of how the information system can interact directly with transport performance.
e-logistics used by titas transport

Considering the driver of a truck carrying goods, it is possible to:

• monitor driving and break times,
• manage social law related to the drivers,
• manage salary and compensation,
Titas transport vehicle are track by GPS• exchange information between trucks and staff;
• transmit order delivery planning,
• physically track the truck.                                     

In fact, the software of the on-board information system should be able to analyse allthe information in logical categories: Geographical positioning and cartography; alerts monitoring; transport management; driving parameters (speed, gas oil consumption …); maintenance of trailers and trucks; managing of social factors related to employees.


In an activity involving a number of strong individual characters as drivers alone on the
road, the implementation of an on-board information system will only work if the human
factor is taken into account as part of a communication and training action plan.

Monday 10 November 2014

The mission of Titas Transport assisting logistics management.

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It will be apparent from the previous comments that the mission of logistics management is to plan and co-ordinate all those activities necessary to achieve desired levels of delivered service and quality at lowest possible transport cost. Logistics must therefore be seen as the link between the marketplace and the supply base.The scope of logistics spans the organization.

logistics management service by titas transport.
Transport logistics management
 It is no coincidence that in recent years both marketing and manufacturing have become the focus of renewed attention. Marketing as a concept and a philosophy of customer orientation now enjoys a wider acceptance than ever. It is now generally accepted that the need to understand and meet customer requirementsis a prerequisite for survival. At the same time, in the search for improvedcost competitiveness, manufacturing management has been the subject of a massive revolution. The last few decades have seen the introduction of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), of new approaches to inventory based on materials requirements planning (MRP) and just-in-time (JIT) methods and, perhaps most important of all, a sustained emphasis on total quality management (TQM). Equally there has been a growing recognition of the critical role that procurement plays in creating and sustaining competitive advantage as part of an integrated logistics process. Leading-edge organizations now routinely include supply-side issues in the development of their strategic plans. not only is the cost of purchased materials and supplies a significant part of total costs in most organizations, but there is a major opportunity for leveraging the capabilities and competencies of suppliers through closer integration of the buyers’ and suppliers’ logistics processes.
In this scheme of things, logistics is therefore essentially an integrative concept
Transport agency in chittagong.
that seeks to develop a system-wide view of the firm. using Titas transport service fundamentally a planning concept that seeks to create a framework through which the needs of the marketplace can be translated into a distributing strategy and plan, which in turn links into a strategy and plan for procurement. Ideally there should be a ‘one-plan’ mentality within the business which seeks to replace the conventional stand-alone andseparate plans of marketing, distribution, production and transportation. This, quite simply, is the mission of  Titas transport for helping logistics management.

Friday 31 October 2014

Overland and sea entry poin ts in Bangladesh-Logistics Transport Cluster.

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Bangladesh has 11 border entry and exit points with India and 1 each with Nepal and Myanmar, Both road and rail routes are used for transportation of material across borders. Security at the border is the responsibility Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) which is a paramilitary force of the Government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has adopted and implemented ‘ASYCUDA’ system for customs in all border points to facilitate customs clearance of cargo. However only at Benapole a computerized `Bill of Entry’ is used for clearance. 60% of the overland border trade movement into Bangladesh takes place through Benapole, which has both road and rail facilities. Benapole, Sona Masjid and Hilli together account for almost 90% of the overland border trade. As leading Transport service provider Titas transport network spread across all around Bangladesh.

Entry point: Benapole

Transportation road network
Transport network System
Country: Bangladesh, Neighbor Country: India, District: Jessore Entry point name Benapole
·         Overland entry point that is handling most volume.
·         Friday closed, but Saturday and Sunday customs on
·         The Indian side is closed.
·         Usually after 1400 hr no new clearance is processed.
·         Trucks from India are not allowed into Bangladesh:
·         Cargo must be overloaded.

Entry y point: Hilli

Country: Bangladesh, Neighbor Country: India, District: Dinajpur Entry point name Hilli
·          Sat.-Sun Indian office closed
·         Second entry point in terms of handling cargo volume.
·         Government handed over clearance to private company in Nov. 2007
·         Working hours most likely the same as Benapole

Main Port: Chittagong sea port and ICD

titas transport in benapol port,logistics service
Benapol Port
Customs clearance is possible at the port of Chittagong, or the cargo can be offloaded only and directly transported to the Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Dhaka; In this case customs clearance will be done at ICD.ICD functions as a branch of the Chittagong port. Containers are transported by rail daily between ICD and Chittagong. Total offloading & clearance process takes approximately 3 days at Chittagong, and 5 days if the delivery point is at ICD. Detailed information about general cargo, bulk and container handling facilities and capacity at Chittagong and ICD, can be provided upon request.  
Titas transport cargo management, chittagong port.
Chittagong port

Titas transport Logistics Bangladesh& Freight Management

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Saturday 25 October 2014

Supply chain management is a wider concept than logistics transport.

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Titas Titastransport  transport vechile.
Transport vehicle.
Logistics is essentially a planning orientation and framework that seeks to create a single plan for the flow of products and information through a business. Supply chain management builds upon this framework and seeks to achieve linkage and Co-ordination between the processes of other entities in the pipeline suppliers and customer.It is only in the recent past that business organizations have come to recognize,
Transport service in chittagong.the vital impact that logistics management can have in the achievement of competitive advantage. And customers, and the organization itself.

Thus, the focus of, Titas transport logistics transport management system might be to reduce or eliminate the transport cost of inventory distribution between organizations in a chain through the sharing of information on demand and current stock levels. It will be apparent that supply chain management involves a significant change from the traditional arm’s-length, even adversarial,relationships that so often typified buyer/supplier relationships in the past.
The focus of supply chain management is on co-operation and trust and the recognition 
that, properly managed, The ‘whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Friday 17 October 2014

Two new Cargo vehicles are ready, smoothing our logistics transport operation.

cargo service
Transport Vehicle
Transport logistics cargo vehicle,Distribute your product  

Titas transport vehicle

      Titastransport  believes in providing new cargo and open truck for smoothing on logistics transport operation. this modern vehicle are being made with using highly technological transport logistics features such as GPS tracking, Automated engine monitoring, weight calculation, warning forecasting, driver alerting all those features are added for our valuable customer satisfaction.

Titas transport agency is one of the first logistics company to operate all around Bangladesh. It is one of the leading companies in transportation field. In order to make sure that the products reach their destination on time most of the companies prefer to have their own transport system in Bangladesh. But in the long run they find out that the transport system costs them a lot and the management of the system becomes a tough job. So it is better to hand over this task to the transport and logistics companies which have good experience in handling these kinds of jobs

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Titas Transport Agency: Our Client

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Titas Transport Agency: Our Client: We have earned a long list of clients due to our superb service standard, timeliness and unwavering Commitment to meet client's requi...

Sunday 5 October 2014

Reduce Half of the cost when need reverse logistics.

The life cycle of a product does not finish with its delivery to the end consumer. In
fact, it is possible that the product can become obsolete, damaged or otherwise
nonfunctional, and must therefore be discarded or sent back to its origin for
possible repair.                                  

 Titas transport  Reverse logistics system can be use of logistics dealing with product flows (unsold items or returns) from their final destination to the initial producer, or to a facility dedicated to their treatment. Examples of reverse logistics’ functional activities
include control in the facilities to avoid the unjustified return of products which
are only apparently nonfunctional, recovering and collecting unsold items, We appreciate  transporting returns in dumps or disposal centers, or operating in secondary markets.
A possible solution for your company using half   of the Cost when use logistics system reverse ...

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Transport Management as a Key Logistics Issue

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The role and significance of transport within the broad classification of logistics, is somewhat
controversial. One frequently observes lorries passing on a highway, advertising that they provide
logistics cost“logistics,” which appears today to be a euphemism for “transport.”
 Transport is, by far, the most expensive part of logistics operations  with 49%
of the total cost. Inventory cost, including its financial burden, represents 22% of the total
and warehousing 21%. Hence transport is in fact the main target market for logistical as
well as for logistics services.  
Day-to-day in Bangladesh management necessarily relies on transport,
 all the more so as“just in time”
methods have become the standard for both production and distribution. The importance of
transport is therefore underestimated if one only considers its cost.
That's why Titas Transport performance is a crucial element,
 maintaining the availability of goods through the flexibility and reliability ofits operation.  
 The importance of transport is never more obvious than when it fails to function.
It is clear therefore that logistics management necessarily includes transport, its flow,
planning and operation, and that logistics services suppliers are widely involved in transport,
which remains their core business.                                                               

Thursday 18 September 2014

An important component for supply chain manager.

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Day by day transport agency Becomes important tools for supply chain department.The delivery to the end customer is the final task in what is very often a very long and complex work
. This all starts with the very first person who 
 begins the entire process. For example, a product buyer may be the start of the chain and their customer will be the next person in the process, who receives the product into the warehouse and so on right up to the final person who delivers the end product to the customer.  However, there are often other major support links that may not always seem obvious. An example of this could be the maintenance person who changes that broken light which enables the driver to load their vehicle.
using third party for transportation,now a days vital choice for cost minimization.we titas transport provide proof of delivery and maximum real-time visibility on goods movement and field worker activity for our customers' benefit.   

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Our Driver simle bring value for us.

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It is more important as a Transport service company always ensure of driver satisfaction.otherwise it
Truck,covervan,cargo etc.
can be adversely effect operation of transport service.a happy truck driver can Help with:

*delay of reach loading point.
*Reaching destination on time.
simle face of driver
*keeping safe product in transportation.
*Respect Clint as member of company.

keep it on our mind we titas transport  treate with our driver as a part of our company.
Raise pay for drivers.
Nearly 80 percent of the of drivers surveyed nationwide by Titas transport Retail System said salary was the most important factor when choosing a job.
That's why titas transport believe pay more keeping driver happy. 

Saturday 13 September 2014

Titas Transport Agency: Distance between cities in Bangladesh.

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Titas Transport Agency: Distance between cities in Bangladesh.:      Road Distance between cities in Bangladesh.                                               ...

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