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Monday 24 November 2014

Macroeconomic and political issues affect Logistical management of transport.

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Transport logistics service provider
Being produced and consumed at the same time, transport is a complex production relatedto a natural balance between supply and demand in the market. This complexity has several major consequences. The organization of the market cannot properly work without the intervention of specific economic agents, in charge of arranging a match between supply and demand of transport.

Freight-forwarders are not only auxiliary actors; they often play a major part in transport chain conception, trade and control .At the same time, two opposite risks threaten economic development; under-capacity of transport is a bottleneck to growth, whereas over-capacity allows a fluent circulation of goods but gives transporter too much bargaining power, prompting carriers not to respect social and technical regulations so as to survive in an excessively competitive context. The State therefore intervenes, through limitation of access to the profession, prohibition of occasional transport service by own account carriers, control of law implementation, etc. Fiscal issues, including taxes on energy, Blocked, Hortal and infrastructure pricing are other political topics, the importance of which is enhanced by a growing concern for “external impacts” of transport.

As a leading transport logistics service provider Titas Transport understand nature, volume and geography of transport flows are rapidly changing, together with the organization of production and trade. Lean production notably relies on cheap, fast, reliable transport.The reduction, if not the disappearance, of inventory, along the production and distribution channel, following “just in time” methods, has strong consequences on transport requirements
Transport logistics service provider: titas transport

Saturday 22 November 2014

Efficient and inexpensive freight transport services.


Freight transport

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 Freight transport activities are crucial in logistics transport systems planning. The reason is twofold: firstly they determine the most important part (often between one-third and two-thirds) of the logistics costs; and, secondly, they significantly affect the service level provided to customers. Providing efficient and inexpensive freight transport services yields an increase in the distance at which the facilities of the logistics system can be economically set up. In turn, this would allow the operation of production plants in locations where economies of scale can be exploited thanks to automated manufacturing processes, a low-cost skilled workforce and low energy prices. Other consequences are the possibility to feasibly supply geographically far markets with perishable products and an increased competition among companies at a global scale, with obvious advantages for the consumers.
Titas transport believe provide securing and reliable transportation service, with an affordable prize that company can choose to reduce their transport logistics cost.     

Tuesday 11 November 2014

E-Logistics,Example of a transport application..

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E-business solutions are easily applied to transport, from the call for tenders right through to the follow-up of transport performance, most commonly using an on-board information system. Here we provide a first example of how the information system can interact directly with transport performance.
e-logistics used by titas transport

Considering the driver of a truck carrying goods, it is possible to:

• monitor driving and break times,
• manage social law related to the drivers,
• manage salary and compensation,
Titas transport vehicle are track by GPS• exchange information between trucks and staff;
• transmit order delivery planning,
• physically track the truck.                                     

In fact, the software of the on-board information system should be able to analyse allthe information in logical categories: Geographical positioning and cartography; alerts monitoring; transport management; driving parameters (speed, gas oil consumption …); maintenance of trailers and trucks; managing of social factors related to employees.


In an activity involving a number of strong individual characters as drivers alone on the
road, the implementation of an on-board information system will only work if the human
factor is taken into account as part of a communication and training action plan.

Monday 10 November 2014

The mission of Titas Transport assisting logistics management.

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It will be apparent from the previous comments that the mission of logistics management is to plan and co-ordinate all those activities necessary to achieve desired levels of delivered service and quality at lowest possible transport cost. Logistics must therefore be seen as the link between the marketplace and the supply base.The scope of logistics spans the organization.

logistics management service by titas transport.
Transport logistics management
 It is no coincidence that in recent years both marketing and manufacturing have become the focus of renewed attention. Marketing as a concept and a philosophy of customer orientation now enjoys a wider acceptance than ever. It is now generally accepted that the need to understand and meet customer requirementsis a prerequisite for survival. At the same time, in the search for improvedcost competitiveness, manufacturing management has been the subject of a massive revolution. The last few decades have seen the introduction of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), of new approaches to inventory based on materials requirements planning (MRP) and just-in-time (JIT) methods and, perhaps most important of all, a sustained emphasis on total quality management (TQM). Equally there has been a growing recognition of the critical role that procurement plays in creating and sustaining competitive advantage as part of an integrated logistics process. Leading-edge organizations now routinely include supply-side issues in the development of their strategic plans. not only is the cost of purchased materials and supplies a significant part of total costs in most organizations, but there is a major opportunity for leveraging the capabilities and competencies of suppliers through closer integration of the buyers’ and suppliers’ logistics processes.
In this scheme of things, logistics is therefore essentially an integrative concept
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that seeks to develop a system-wide view of the firm. using Titas transport service fundamentally a planning concept that seeks to create a framework through which the needs of the marketplace can be translated into a distributing strategy and plan, which in turn links into a strategy and plan for procurement. Ideally there should be a ‘one-plan’ mentality within the business which seeks to replace the conventional stand-alone andseparate plans of marketing, distribution, production and transportation. This, quite simply, is the mission of  Titas transport for helping logistics management.

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