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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Transport Management as a Key Logistics Issue

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The role and significance of transport within the broad classification of logistics, is somewhat
controversial. One frequently observes lorries passing on a highway, advertising that they provide
logistics cost“logistics,” which appears today to be a euphemism for “transport.”
 Transport is, by far, the most expensive part of logistics operations  with 49%
of the total cost. Inventory cost, including its financial burden, represents 22% of the total
and warehousing 21%. Hence transport is in fact the main target market for logistical as
well as for logistics services.  
Day-to-day in Bangladesh management necessarily relies on transport,
 all the more so as“just in time”
methods have become the standard for both production and distribution. The importance of
transport is therefore underestimated if one only considers its cost.
That's why Titas Transport performance is a crucial element,
 maintaining the availability of goods through the flexibility and reliability ofits operation.  
 The importance of transport is never more obvious than when it fails to function.
It is clear therefore that logistics management necessarily includes transport, its flow,
planning and operation, and that logistics services suppliers are widely involved in transport,
which remains their core business.                                                               

Thursday 18 September 2014

An important component for supply chain manager.

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Day by day transport agency Becomes important tools for supply chain department.The delivery to the end customer is the final task in what is very often a very long and complex work
. This all starts with the very first person who 
 begins the entire process. For example, a product buyer may be the start of the chain and their customer will be the next person in the process, who receives the product into the warehouse and so on right up to the final person who delivers the end product to the customer.  However, there are often other major support links that may not always seem obvious. An example of this could be the maintenance person who changes that broken light which enables the driver to load their vehicle.
using third party for transportation,now a days vital choice for cost minimization.we titas transport provide proof of delivery and maximum real-time visibility on goods movement and field worker activity for our customers' benefit.   

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Our Driver simle bring value for us.

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It is more important as a Transport service company always ensure of driver satisfaction.otherwise it
Truck,covervan,cargo etc.
can be adversely effect operation of transport service.a happy truck driver can Help with:

*delay of reach loading point.
*Reaching destination on time.
simle face of driver
*keeping safe product in transportation.
*Respect Clint as member of company.

keep it on our mind we titas transport  treate with our driver as a part of our company.
Raise pay for drivers.
Nearly 80 percent of the of drivers surveyed nationwide by Titas transport Retail System said salary was the most important factor when choosing a job.
That's why titas transport believe pay more keeping driver happy. 

Saturday 13 September 2014

Titas Transport Agency: Distance between cities in Bangladesh.

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Titas Transport Agency: Distance between cities in Bangladesh.:      Road Distance between cities in Bangladesh.                                               ...

Friday 12 September 2014

Efficient and cost effective distribution Network all over Bangladesh.

Titas transport Transportation distribution network in Bangladesh.
Transport Distribution Network in Bangladesh.
In the Bangladesh, Dhaka is an area poised to take advantage of these efficiencies. It shares its western border with Savar,Asulia,Gazipur,tongi easily the  largest population centre, so distribution to a maximum number of people can be achieved quickly and with minimal energy expenditure. Many distribution companies find that real estate prices prevent them operating within or around major centres of population, but Dhaka seems to have some unique advantages here.Not only does it offer access to substantial (and reasonably priced) docks and related facilities and rail links, but the region has not yet seen the kind of large scale real estate price recovery that nearby Dhaka City has. Land, labour and many services costs are unusually low there, and this allows warehousing and distribution companies located in Here to operate in a kind of ‘goldilocks zone’ where they have access to the population of Greater Dhaka (and the South in general), but do not have to content with the kind of prices that access usually entails.Titas Transport moving business to grow as it meets the demands of the new opportunities we help to create.

Overall, it seems that if the Deep Sea port protocols are really to be met, the solution cannot be a drop in the amount of goods shipped or distributed.Setup branch most of all major city,port and land border Titas transport efficiently use it distribution network reduce transportation cost and capital gain. our principal  Gains must be made in the efficiency of our distribution networks, and in seeking direct access to population centers without paying the premium to operate within them.

Titas transport agency | International | Pakistan | Cargo.PK

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Thursday 11 September 2014

An emergency logistics and transport service provider.

 Emergency logistics service provider
 Emergency logistics service provider
Emergency logistics service  logistics is a term used by the logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing industries to denote specific time-critical modes of transport used to move goods or objects rapidly in the event of an emergency.
[TTA]The reason for enlisting emergency logistics services could be a production delay or anticipated production delay, or an urgent need for specialized equipment to prevent events such as aircraft being grounded (also known as "aircraft on ground"—AOG), ships being delayed, or telecommunications failure. Emergency logistics services are typically sourced from a specialist provider. we are always ready to provide that kind of transport service efficiently, Titas transport understand its client crucial moment.

Monday 8 September 2014

Need a Distribution Fulfilment patnar.

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A company who specialises in distribution fulfilment can be essential to have on your books, however finding the most appropriate one for you is no easy task as they will all have different assets and advantages. Who you go with depends on many factors, such as; their location, their capacity, their prices, their systems and their visible history. Distribution fulfillment should work to simplify the process of transactions, and take the cost away from the supply chain. The solutions included should be:
If you have a distribution fulfilment company who can manage the complete process of logistics then this is essential in our current climate of the increasing need for online products. Although buying products now can be done by the click of a button, it’s important to realise that all transactions have their success based on the physical movement of those behind the scenes; i.e. your distribution fulfilment provider.

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Saturday 6 September 2014

The roots of the logistics and distribution management principles we use today.

In early 1990s in Bangladesh logistics and distribution management began to see more professional treatment, largely due to rapid increases in costs and a growing understanding of the true costs of distribution.
This professionalism in turn led to logistics and distribution management plans being made in the long term, and deliberate efforts being made to identify and enact savings. Strategies pursued included ‘lean’ processes – reductions in stock holding – and centralized distribution systems, aided by relatively new computer-aided information and control systems. 
Many companies also recognized the need for truly integrated logistics and distribution management systems around this time.
Titas Transport logistic system
Logistics System

but now situation is being changing, supply chain and logistics functions are now seen as central to the success of the business, when they had once been considered peripheral. This change of perspective has let to substantial increases in profitability. Specifically, distribution systems were no longer considered merely burdens, but as opportunities to add value to the product at each stage, and are in fact part of the core business, not a necessary evil to be minimized and cheapened at all costs.

This leads Titas transport  today, where businesses of all sizes and descriptions are seeking logistics and distribution management partners who can keep their entire supply chain efficient, resilient, and responsive to opportunity.

Friday 5 September 2014

Simple solution for ending ‘driver shortage,’ survey says: Pay drivers more

Titas transport werehouseTitas transport  use a wide array of tactics to find and keep drivers, but results from a recently published survey show there’s overwhelmingly one thing fleets can do to accomplish their recruiting and retention goals: Raise pay for drivers.
Nearly 80 percent of the of drivers surveyed nationwide by Titas transport Retail System said salary was the most important factor when choosing a job.
That's why titas transport believe pay more keeping driver happy. 

Thursday 4 September 2014

Transport Rates fall, but still riding boom from earlier this year.

Per-mile rates on the spot market fell in August for the second straight month, as rates come down from the 5-month boom seen between February and June. Titas transport released   its monthly rate data Sept. 2.

June saw all-time highs for rates in all three segments — #Covarvan,#Opentruck,#Pickup — before easing up in July. In August, all three remained well above rates seen in the same month in 2013.

open truck saw the smallest drop, 1000tk, putting it at 55tk a kilometer in the month. It was 500tk higher than August of last year.Cover van Still remain the main driving force in the spot market.

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Tuesday 2 September 2014

How can Titas Transport Services help with your distribution and Transportation requirements.

Transportation Service.
Titas Transport
One thing that Titas #Transport knows is that when it comes to the issue of Transport Service you need a service that you can rely on, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are confident in the #freight  services that we can provide you.
In turn, once you have used our service once then you will know that your important products will be treated with consideration and attention in order to get them to their destination quickly and safely.
We can deal with consignments of different sizes, and of different types, just contact Titas Transport today, discuss with one of our expert team exactly what you need from a goods delivery service and in no time at all you will be sure to learn how much easier using us as #Logistics will be for your companies distribution and freight service needs.
. Please feel free to ask for more details.

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