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Sunday 11 January 2015

Continued Political Unrest, Transport Sector Disruption as Threat and Tactic.

on blockaed time transportation
Titas Transport Cargo Cleaning.
assured transport owners of all-out security
political blockade,vehicle on parking. 
For the past several years, Bangladesh has been marred by a spate of political crises, with frequent strikes, attacks and blockades preventing businesses from functioning normally, it is a system that is extremely vulnerable to disruption. Far from a mark of its strength, the secularization of logistics marks its vulnerability. It is precisely because of the potency of disruption that we have seen the assembly of this new architecture of security. The Titas transport highlights how the very material form of supply chains – the distributed nature of distributions networks – means that disruption can easily become systemic. They explain, “Systemic risks are created or magnified by the way supply chain system are reconfigured… In today’s globalized and interconnected world, any major disruption… has the potential to cascade through supply chains and permeate other systems. Bangladesh’s transport sector has suffered losses of around Tk 300 billion in last year’s political violence, Truck transport owners’ associations say.

Leaders of Cover van-Truck Owners Association and Bangladesh Road Transport Association disclosed the details in a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Thursday.
Chittagong port transportation system disruption
Truck set on fire
They demanded that, Trucks with import / export load shipments are moving under police protection. Following the response our Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan on Friday urged the transport owners and workers to continue their services shunning the fear of the countrywide blockade enforced . Speaking at a meeting with transport owners and workers in the capital, the minister also assured them of all sorts of cooperation from the government in plying their vehicles on roads and waterways’
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Transportation logistics management on blockade time
most all titas transport vehicle on the parking during blockade. 
Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh


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