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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Efficient and cost effective distribution Network all over Bangladesh.

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Efficient and cost effective distribution Network all over Bangladesh.


Titas transport Transportation distribution network in Bangladesh.
Transport Distribution Network in Bangladesh.
In the BangladeshDhaka is an area poised to take advantage of these efficiencies. It shares its western border with Savar,Asulia,Gazipur,tongi easily the  largest population centre, so distribution to a maximum number of people can be achieved quickly and with minimal energy expenditure. Many distribution companies find that real estate prices prevent them operating within or around major centres of population, but Dhaka seems to have some unique advantages here.Not only does it offer access to substantial (and reasonably priced) docks and related facilities and rail links, but the region has not yet seen the kind of large scale real estate price recovery that nearby Dhaka City has. Land, labour and many services costs are unusually low there, and this allows warehousing and distribution companies located in Here to operate in a kind of ‘goldilocks zone’ where they have access to the population of Greater Dhaka (and the South in general), but do not have to content with the kind of prices that access usually entails.Titas Transport moving business to grow as it meets the demands of the new opportunities we help to create.

Overall, it seems that if the Deep Sea port protocols are really to be met, the solution cannot be a drop in the amount of goods shipped or distributed.Setup branch most of all major city,port and land border Titas transport efficiently use it distribution network reduce transportation cost and capital gain. our principal  Gains must be made in the efficiency of our distribution networks, and in seeking direct access to population centers without paying the premium to operate within them.


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